The A2 Restricted Licence course is taken on a minimum 400cc machine of 33 to 47bhp and approved by the DSA for test purposes.


On completion of the A2 test, the rider will have a full motorcycle licence and can take off their L Plates, carry a passenger and ride on motorways. The rider however will be restricted to bikes of 47bhp or less. This is roughly the power of an unrestricted 500cc machine.


The requirements to complete the A2 Restricted Licence course are;

  • Over 19 years of age
  • Hold a valid UK driving licence with Category A (motorcycle entitlement)
  • A current CBT certificate
  • A Written Theory test pass certificate (This should be obtained before the start of the course)

The length of course and price vary depending on riding experience, so we offer a range of options from one day preparation for test to the A2 Package which supplies as much training as required to reach test standard.

A2 training per day – £100 own bike, or £150 using a school bike

The daily rate is suitable for riders who have gained road experience on their own machines and need to prepare for the practical test. Come and have a free A2 assessment with one of our instructors to assess the length of course you require. Our instructors can include visits to the test centre and practice on the test routes in the day’s training.

A2 Package – £699 all inclusive

The A2 Package provides everything required to reach test standard, beginning with a CBT course as day one of the package.

A2 Course Day Two – With the CBT under your belt you will now start to work on a greater level of skill on your bike and this includes Roadcraft, Theory, Bike Familiarisation and of course more on road training with the emphasis on getting the best out of the motorcycle.

A2 Course Day Three – Day three of the A2 course includes a recap of Day 2, more on road practice and further development of Road Craft skills. You will usually convert to a 500cc machine for the remainder of the course.The skills required for the Module 1 test will also be practiced. On this day you will spend time in Burgess Hill as this is the test location we often use so that you can get to know the test routes which are likely to be used for your test.

A2 Course Day Four – Module 1 Practical Test – Our instructor will take you through some warm up practice before escorting you to the test centre. This test includes a number of manouveres that you will practice and be able to talk through before your instructor introduces you to the DSA examiner.

A2 Course Day Five – Module 2 Practical Test – This can only be taken on successful completion of Module 1, therefore we usually do not book this test until Module 1 has been completed. Where possible, we will try to book Module 2 for later that day or the next day but this is all subject to the availability of exam slots. The Module 2 Practical test consists of a 35 minute road ride with an examiner following you on a motorbike or possibly in a car. You will be in radio communication with them and you will be asked to follow their instructions while your skills are assessed. On return to the test centre you will then be debriefed by the examiner and informed if you have passed or not.

In the event of a rider not passing the test we will sit down and plan the best course of action and sometimes it is just a matter of rebooking a test slot, on other occasions we may need to work on a paticular area of your riding and so we can talk through these options and agree the best way forward. With the A2 Package, there is no charge for any additional training, although a charge will be made for the re-test.